Building Warranty Inspection Parramatta

APBI Parramatta conduct dilapidation building inspections across across Parramatta

& Western Sydney and regional NSW.


Selling Houses Australia

Selling Houses Australia


Australina Property & Buillding Inspections in Parramatta & Western Sydney can help you ensure you are protected by completing a Building Warranty (Defect) Inspection.

Our qualified building inspectors will identify defects so you can have the building contractor rectify the defective building work if:

  • structural defective building work is within 6 years and 3 months of the building work being completed;
  • non-structural defective building work is within 12 months of the building work being completed.

It is important for you and your investment to schedule your APBI Warranty Inspection as a follow-up 11 months after your Building Handover Inspection to meet the 12 month non-structural building defects warranty period.

The warranty defect building inspection report is completed digitally and emailed (or printed and posted) within 24 hours of inspection.


Our team of customer service consultants in Parramatta and Western Suburbs in Sydney liaise with agents, vendors, property managers and builders for access to the property if necesary.

Our prices are fixed and do not contain hidden travel costs.

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